Gypsy Lady

Gypsy Lady

She is a woman, lovely and self-willed, separated from her birthright

He is a proud native son of Louisiana, whose cunning makes him a natural choice to seal a young nation's destiny-and whose dark allure makes him a man most women want, and none forget.

Yet from the moment Jason Savage spies Catherine Tremayne dancing with heedless abandon in a gypsy camp their fates are sealed. Through days of swirling intrigue and nights of sweet, yielding passion, theirs was a love that would grow ever more undeniable...even as it burned with the hot defiance of two wild and stubborn hearts.

** A Selection of the Doubleday Book Club

Writing the first novel(taken from Shirlee's blog), originally published in December 1977, by Avon Books, GYPSY LADY was my first book. Not only the first book I'd written that was published, but the first book I'd ever written. Fate is a funny thing and fate very definitely played a role in my becoming an author. (click this link to continue to the full story)