A Heart for the Taking

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Chance Walker had overcome the questions about his mysterious parentage by becoming a likable and successful man, but he hadn't been able to overcome the hatred he had for his cousin Jonathan, the man who took his wife to bed just to spite him and had led to her death.

Fancy, Lady Merrivale, was content to live her quiet widow's life and look after her younger sister, Ellen. But during her season in London, Ellen meets handsome Jonathan Walker and the two sisters agree to accompany him to America while they entertain his proposal to Ellen. Jonathan's more interested in Fancy's title than in either of the women, and if he can't have the Lady Merrivale, he'll settle for the Miss.

Fancy and Chance hate each other on sight -- she thinks he's a dangerous man; he mistakenly believes that she's Jonathan's intended -- but they are still irresistibly drawn to each other. It's then that Chance realizes that bedding Jonathan's woman would be a fitting revenge and uses it as an excuse to pursue her.

Trapped into marriage, Fancy finds out that she's deeply in love with Chance, as he is with her. In each other's arms they find an all-encompassing love... and unexpected danger, as the villains who robbed Chance of his birthright long ago try to silence him forever.