The Tiger Lily

The Tiger Lily ebook cover
As her golden hair fell about Sabrina's flawlessly beautiful shoulders, Brett Dangermond was lost in the desire of the moment. And Sabrina, who had adored him as a girl, was left trembling with confusion and fear, and a longing only love can know. But love her he would not, though he took her innocencec and shamed her pride.

Separated by the vicious treachery of a rival's lust for Sabrina's beauty and fortune, the years and war came between them. Until Brett came back to her at last -- as the guradian to whom her father had entrusted her estate... and her life! forced to belong to a man she had never forgiven and never forgotten, Sabrina's wildhearted fury played them both into the hands of certain death.

But the passion they fought against so fiercely was destined never to die... their bodies and souls entwined for always in the magnificent splendor of love's possession.
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